All of the agreement here from me. I am feeling a weird thing but haven’t quite figured it out yet. Also, have you read about L-Theanine in combination with coffee for focus?

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Feb 24Liked by Jo Hanlon-Moores

This weirdo standing on her hilltop, heart lifted, is waving back. Beautiful writing, thank you ✨

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I have harboured more weird things than one human being should. And you, dear one, are probably the weirdest!

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1) In my case, it's probably more accurate to wonder when I haven't harbored a weird thing.

2) I can relate so much with that consistency conundrum.

3) Thank you (truly!) for making me bark laugh and nearly spit my soup. Definitely a better way to spend lunch.

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Feb 23Liked by Jo Hanlon-Moores

Garrrghhhhhhhhhh...consistency. It's never been a strong point for me either. I kid myself that it's because I'm a freedom-loving trippy hippy 😄 and that I'm "totally tuned-into my inner knowing, dude" 😝 But...am I just a bit...lazy?! Underneath all the busy-ness?! Mehbee?

Also, beautiful writing, as always. And what also stood out was the fact your words landed in my inbox at 17:17. Fabulously tuned-in, inner knowing number in numerology, is 1717. I usually associate it with being on the right path. Or maybe walking up the right rocky hillside, for you right now Jo 🌟


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