Beautiful. You're such a magician with words and I love how you're weaving them through your life right now, a beautiful thread that connects it all. xo

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Such a beautiful perspective on your Father’s journey of letting go of self. What a wonderful gift your friend is. To have someone who sees your father’s essential dignity regardless of the situation, and who gives you space to reconnect with yourself. I love your description of the teachings of Yarrow, too 🌿 I use it for inner strength and personal protection. I find it very comforting 💙

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Jun 23, 2022Liked by Jo Hanlon-Moores

Love, love, and the visual of the bowl, and filling it up. 💞

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I'm witnessing a similar evolution of loosening self in my mother. Thank you for writing about your experience of this journey with so much tender honestly, Jo.

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What a beautiful concept - to gather oneself. I feel as my morning journaling sessions are about the act of gathering myself before I head out into the world.

Wishing you love and patience on your journey with your vision. I've learnt recently that it is not the what we do in life that matters. Rather, it is more about the how we do it. And we can choose the how right now, in this very moment.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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Jun 25, 2022Liked by Jo Hanlon-Moores

I am so glad you have someone that has become a friend in this journey with your Dad. It’s funny how yarrow keeps popping up, I watched this video randomly and then come on here and read you talk about yarrow. Earlier in the week I was looking through a book and saw this and it stuck in my mind: “I will pluck the yarrow fair

That more brave shall be my hand

That more warm shall be my lips

That more swift shall be my foot

May I an island be at sea

May I a rock be on land

That I can afflict any man

No man can afflict me”

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This, right here - "This time last year I was just beginning a three month journey with Yarrow essence. It’s good for boundaries, I’d read, and I needed some. But rather than supporting me in policing some line that I didn’t want others to cross, it helped me to see how I could be a whole vessel. How I could stop leaking my wishes and hopes away. Stop dropping them, forgetting them, handing them to others. I could be a strong vessel that held all those precious things I’d gathered, ready to share any overflow." - is utterly delicious. Exactly what I needed to digest today. Thank you.

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